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New Drivers

If you have recently passed your driving test, you will be subjected to a two year probationary period. It is of crucial importance that you do not accumulate six or more points on your driving licence within this period.

During the probationary period, if you are convicted of driving offences and you accumulate six or more penalty points, your driving licence will be revoked by the DVLA. Please note that a revocation by the DVLA is not the same as a driving disqualification which is imposed by the Court.

If your driving licence is revoked, you will revert to learner status and will be treated as if you never passed a driving test. To continue driving, you will have to secure a provisional driving licence for the interim until you have passed both the theory and practical parts of the driving test once again.

There is no minimum period for which the licence must be revoked. As soon as you have passed both the theory and practical parts of another driving test, you can apply for a new full licence. However, the penalty points will remain on the driver’s licence for four years from the date of offence. After a period of four years you can apply to the DVLA to have them physically removed from your licence.


You cannot appeal the revocation of your licence. However, if you appeal against the conviction or sentence which brought the number of penalty points up to 6 or more, you can apply to the DVLA to have your licence restored pending the result of the appeal. If the Court notifies the DVLA that the sentence is under appeal, the full licence should be restored without a further test.

Our Specialist Services

If you have recently passed your driving test and are at risk of losing your driving licence under the DVLA probationary legislation, it is very important that you contact us. We may be able to avoid the revocation.

Caines Law have years of experience in representing new drivers who are at risk of their licence being revoked by the DVLA. There is nothing worse than having passed your theory and practical driving test and then be faced with the daunting prospect of having to re-do both tests all over again

You may need your driving licence for your work, business, or for family responsibilities. Having to go through the whole process of re-doing your test can be frustrating, expensive and time consuming. With the right representation, you may be able to avoid the need to retake your test.

If you are looking for a motoring lawyer to help save your driving licence from a revocation, Contact us now for a free consultation on 0800 6441544. We will inform you if you require representation and will advise you on the law as well as discuss the prospects of defending your case to avoid a revocation by the DVLA.

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Case Study

Our client had recently passed his driving test after his fourth attempt. He was an apprentice plumber and without his driving licence he would almost certainly have lost his apprenticeship.

While he was still within his probationary period, he used a vehicle without Insurance. This offence attracts between 6 -8 penalty points or a discretionary disqualification (see section on Driving without Insurance). He represented himself at the Magistrates’ Court and he received six penalty points and his licence was revoked by the DVLA three weeks later.

He made contact with us to appeal the sentence. We suspended the revocation and lodged an appeal to the Crown Court. After a thorough preparation of his case, and representation at court by a motoring barrister selected from our panel of specialist counsel, we managed to avoid penalty points and a short ban for seven days was imposed instead.

This meant that our client did not receive any points at all and after the seven day period, he was free to continue driving without the need to re-do his driving test and theory

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