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Driving Offences

Caines Law is a specialist firm of motoring law experts with vast experience in representing all types of driving offences. Our objective is to fight to save driving licences and reputations.

Because we are well aware of the ramifications of losing one’s licence, we aggressively fight to protect the rights of our clients, their liberty, integrity and livelihood. We do this by delivering without exception, quality legal representation that our clients want, demand and have come to expect from Caines Law.

Our highly trained motoring lawyers share a distinctive culture which has deep client relationships at its core. This coupled with an attitude of delivering only the very best underscores everything we do.

We defend all types of driving offences, including Speeding, Drink Driving, and we also have an exceptional track record of success in cases involving Failure to stop, Failure to report and Careless Driving. Our specialist knowledge means that we frequently defend motorists on the more technical offences relating to allegations of Failure to Identify the Driver, Driving without Insurance, and Driving Licence offences.

If you have been charged, summoned or are being investigated for driving offences of any type, call us now for a free consultation with one of our motoring lawyers. We will be able to tell you if you have a defence.

Having been in practice for a number of years, our Solicitors have vast experience in the area of motoring law. It is our objective to fight to save driving licences and to deliver outstanding results and we do this without exception.

We have extensive experience in testing the evidential breath test machine (EBM’s) in Drink Driving and Failure to provide specimen allegations and we are regularly instructed to advance ‘Special Reasons’ applications in spiked drinks cases. Our lawyers often succeed in arguing ‘Special Reasons’ in Drink Driving or Drunk in Charge cases where a person is simply moving the car, or driving a very short distance for a legitimate purpose.

We challenge all types of speeding allegations and this includes Laser Gun and Gatso cameras and illegal signage cases. We also have an excellent record of defending motorists for technical defences.

For those who have accumulated 12 or more penalty points and are facing a driving disqualification under the ‘totting up’ provisions, we have saved thousands of driving licences by successfully arguing ‘Exceptional Hardship’ both before the Magistrates’ and the Crown Court.

Whatever type of motoring law offence you need advice on, call us now and one of our motoring lawyers will provide you with a no obligation consultation free of charge so that an assessment of your circumstances can take place.

Our purpose put simply, is to deliver results and keep our clients on the road. We make this happen through dedication, skill and working hard for our clients.

We have included a free guide for the most common types of driving offences on our website. To access this, just click on the offence that you would like information on from the left hand side of this page. The guides also include case studies of some of our recent cases.

We offer a fixed fee package to all our clients so that they know the cost from the outset. This means that the fee is fixed, regardless of the amount of time and work carried out on your case. But if you prefer, we can provide an hourly rate estimate.

If you have been accused or are being prosecuted for driving offences of any type, call one of our specialist motoring lawyers on 0800 6441544 for a free consultation. Alternatively, complete the Contact us form and one of our motoring lawyers will call you at a time to suit you.

You can also make contact with us on our London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds or Cardiff numbers which can be found on our Contact us page.

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