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Feroz, I would like to thank you for your support, time, advise, and the understanding you have shown to me. The result has made me feel deeply and forever grateful to you and your team, Faye and the judges and the UK system that accepted and sympathized with me, no doubt based on the result.

I don’t think I could have this result without you and our discussions. And therefore I would like to thank you. At the same time I feel deeply grateful to Faye, she studied my case, she was well prepared, she asked me all the right questions and gave a fight for me.

I have been very unlucky with this situation and I am grateful that my luck changed, I was with you, Ilyas’ support whenever needed and I had Faye. I had judges that treated me with respect, listened carefully and were open-minded and if I was to say they showed understanding it would be an understatement.

Once again thank you Feroz,


I have just received the amazing news today that CPS have dropped the charge against me of failing to provide a specimen and I will therefore not need to attend court. I had already decided that regardless of the outcome I would write to you to tell you how amazing I have found the service from Caines Law and in particular Ilyas Umarji.

When the alleged offence took place I was going through a devastating time, having recently found my partner dead in the most dreadful circumstances. My mental health was very fragile and the last thing I needed was a Court case and possible driving ban. Right from the very first phone call to you Feroz, after I luckily stumbled across Caines Law on the Internet, to all the dealings I have had with Ilyas, I could not have found people any more sympathetic, understanding and professional. Ilyas has constantly kept me informed of every action and development, not once have I had to chase anything. He quickly gained my complete trust despite my guard being very much up after the most unpleasant and disturbing episode in the police station. He has demonstrated great emotional intelligence, understanding my medical issues and being so patient with me when I have needed reassurance. I have never felt rushed but knew he would always take the time I needed to make my point or ask another question. When he told me the good news today and I said how grateful I was to him, he modestly said it was thanks to you Feroz and the people who trained him.

I hope I never need your services again but I would not hesitate to contact you again if I did and I will most certainly recommend you.

So finally, a huge thank you to you all at Caines Law and in particular Ilyas Umarji.


I contacted Caines law when my daughter was caught speeding in quite a significant way, this was a big deal for her as she is about to enter into a regulated profession and about to sit final exams

One of our many concerns was that what we thought was an inevitable court date would conflict with exams

We were delighted that through the guidance of Caines law the whole matter was commuted to a £100 fine and 3 points

A fantastic result thank you


I am delighted that this has finally come to an end.

I would just like to thank you and Mr Feroz for a job well done. This definitely lifted a weight of my shoulders and I do not regret ever using your services.

Thank you so much for such a professional and efficient legal service.



Caines Law are amazing! Thank you and keep up the good work.

The team of solicitors are highly courteous, professional and they are really supportive and empathetic. Their knowledge around the law and the court processes and timelines was second to none!

I have been impressed from start to finish and even more impressed with the outcome they achieved for me – it was my best case scenario!

Thank you!


I was Summoned to Court for ‘Driving Without Due Care and Attention’. I disagreed with the case and my driving licence is important for my work as well as that I knew my insurance premiums would increase with points on my licence so I decided to fight the case.

I spent months hoping to get the Met Police to drop the case, but got nowhere, and I felt they were withholding video evidence or couldn’t be bothered to send them. I even had telephone consultations with two solicitors and they advised me to plead guilty.

A friend recommended Caines Law — I thought they wouldn’t be able to help or suggest I plead guilty like the other two solicitors, however the case was dropped within a week of them taking it on due to the issues with obtaining evidence from the Met Police.

I didn’t think I would be able to re-claim cost, but Feroz is now handling this for me as well.


Feroz gave me fantastic advice and was very helpful in solving my problem and achieved the outcome I wanted within a single afternoon. Caines law is an efficient and effective firm that genuinely cares about the people it represents and the successful outcomes they achieve so regularly for their clients are evidence of this.

Would recommend Caines law to anyone who has difficulties and feroz in particular for traffic offences.


I am very happy with the firm’s impeccable service throughout the entire process. I felt like I was carried along every step of the way and I also got the best outcome I could have expected. I definitely recommend. 5 stars ⭐️


I am extremely happy with Caines Law- they financially help and make it affordable but also get results- 2 cases and 100% win successful. Was very nervous and had alot worries when I hired them, but they have really come through for me so no complaints and will always use them although I hope won’t need too.


Very professional law firm, had a pleasure of dealing with Ilyas. Always kept me updated and always calm and reassuring. I had two offences and with Ilyas legal advice and support, we were able to discontinue one offence and got the minimum penalty.
I can’t recommend them enough. If you have any motoring issue, don’t hesitate to contact this law firm.


I had a Motoring offence case which seems quite complicated but Mr Feroz and Mr Ilyas deal my matter very professionally, one thing I like about them very professional and responsive always there to reply your query, I have won this case because of their professional approach, definitely recommend Caine law, if anyone have Motoring offence.


I got in touch with Caines Law after I was ‘caught’ without a valid insurance policy on the vehicle and the subsequent penalty points would have resulted in a totting up ban. Throughout the process, they have been very thorough and worked with me to ensure I was providing as much evidence as possible to avoid a driving ban, which would have been incredibly detrimental to the health of my business. The barrister that represented me in court also informed me that – of the firms he works with – he found Caines to be one of the most thorough.

Thanks to Caines Law, I was acquitted of any wrongdoing and now have a clean license. Would definitely recommend. Thanks to Ilyas & Feroz for their support from start to finish.


Caines Law are a modern, dynamic, patient, thorough and dedicated outfit. If you want a value for money, professional, and fresh legal team in your corner look, no further. A benchmark law firm. You’ll soon find out.


I highly recommend this firm as anyone’s first call! Ignore the many adverts and nonsensical claims. This firm is the organ grinder of driving offences in a world of monkeys.

Initially I spoke to Ilyas and Feroz who have always been available, speaking honestly, frankly and professionally at all times.

My case an accusation of drink driving has taken nearly 1 year, it has been a very daunting year. Yet with the attention to detail at all times by Ilyas and his team who are incredibly experienced in all matters relating to driving law. My case has been dropped by the prosecution.

I can honestly say that it is only due to the expertise of this firm and their expertise that justice has prevailed.

I can not thank Ilyas enough and Feroz too and the rest of their team. Also I would like to thank the receptionists who are always helpful and positive at all times.

Thank you all and especially Ilyas. I am truly grateful always and would award them 10 stars! Not 5 ✨ if I could.

Thank you


Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Ilyas and Olivia-May.  I think the outcome was the best given my situation. I thought Olivia-May was extremely professional and gave an excellent representation in court. She spent time with me beforehand making sure we had everything we needed and took the time to make sure I knew exactly what to do and expect. Please pass on my comments of thanks as I do not have her direct contact details.

Rest assured I have logged on this morning and paid the first £100 instalment of the fine imposed online as agreed with the court.


From my first contact with the firm, I was instantly impressed with their professionalism and also their honest and sympathetic approach.
I had the pleasure and fortune to have Ilyas Umarji as my solicitor whom was a credit to both Caine’s and the legal profession. He was reassuring, honest and also understanding and nothing was too much trouble.
The company also allowed me to pay in instalments on a fixed fee arrangement.

Without hesitation I would recommend this firm and thank them for guiding me through a very stressful time.


I selected Caines Law as they offered an alternative to accepting a defeat, and over the 15 months Ilyas Umarji my Solicitor was always accessible and supportive, managing each stage with explanations of the legal process with the utmost professionalism. I will mention their fees were very reasonable. Thank-you Caines Law for your help.


Very sympathetic and supportive whilst providing able colleagues to represent you. Costs are transparent and declared up front and calm considered advice just a phone call or email away. Thumbs up from me.


Choosing Feroz Bhimani was the first best decision I made when in need. Extremely knowledgeable, and with high levels of empathy Feroz explained Law to me in simple terms and his support and guidance throughout helped me tremendously, could not praise enough and highly recommend.

Many thanks,


Sana and her team were meticulous in the preparation for the defence of the case for motoring offence case brought on by CPS. It was successfully contested in our favour. I highly recommend Caines Law.


Amazing Professionals and understanding people. I contacted them for an urgent matter, they took action so quickly. My case was followed by the same person since day 1. He contacted me regularly to keep me updated through all stages. I recommend them. Very professional!


It was summer of 2019 and I found myself in the unfortunate position whereby I really need to seek legal help. I called upon the assistance of ‘Caines Law,’ if I am honest more by luck than judgement. Nonetheless it was to be a blessing in disguise.

I want to pay a special mention to someone in particular. ‘Ilyas Umarji’ a solicitor to whom personified professionalism, but more importantly was that outside ‘friend’ to whom I could talk. You really helped me within a very difficult time in my life.

It was November when my sentence was given; the result was way beyond my hopes and aspirations and it was fundamentally down to their knowledge, expertise and overall 1st class service.


Excellent service at a competitive price.
No nonsense or false claims. I employed this firm to act on my behalf regarding prosecutions for two speeding offences. They were able to have this reduced to one single prosecution which was all that I was requesting. Always available, messages were answered promptly and representation was provided in court on the day.


I received great and professional help from Sana who walked me through the process and assured me it would be a success which it was. I would like to give Caines law a big thank you for their time and dedication! Definitely recommended


Feroz Bhimani was fantastic throughout, as were the whole team at Caines Law… very approachable, very knowledgeable, able to offer fantastic support, dealt with in a timely manner, and would highly recommend, would go straight back to with any of my conveyancing needs, cannot praise enough
Many thanks,


Very professional service and very reliable and informative on your case and they helped me dismiss my previous case. Highly recommended!!!


As a professional I expect a service that matches my expectations and in my dealings with Caines Law I have never been disappointed. They have been excellent.


I used Caines Law to help me when I really needed their expertise. They were as professional as it’s possible to be. Always keeping me in the loop and answering every question I had immediately and fully. The outcome that they made happen was better than I ever expected. Thank you, Sana, and Caines Law.


On behalf of myself and my family I would like thank all the staff at Caines law for their excellent handling of my recent false accusation and attempted prosecution by Greater Manchester police, in relation to an alleged motoring offence. I found the staff at Caines law approachable friendly and knowledgeable when ever I contacted them, their communication where prompt and regular , which was very reassuring , and they were always calm and confident which helped take away a lot of my anxiety. At all times their advice and information was positive but at the same time realistic about outcomes . As was initially predicted the case against me was dropped before going to court .So once again a big thank you to all at Caines  law, in particular Feroz who was my initial contact and Abdullah who looked after me throughout the whole process.


I would like, first and foremost, thank you for helping by my side all these months and reaching the result that, deep down, never expected to achieve.

All the professionals that I cooperated, directly or not, in house or not, were excellent and I really cannot find words to show my appreciation!

From day one, Mr Feroz approached me with great confidence and won my trust straight away, then you, Sana, took over and organised everything like noone would have, reminded me of all key dates, gave perfect quality feedback on all information i provided you and with on-the-day response, always!

Both barristers that accompanied me to the court were perfectly selected with good grasp and history of similar cases. Walk in the park. Really descriptive, friendly, fully informed and updated, even on last minute information sent through the day of the trial!

Overall I am very satisfied with the result since 2 months ago I was almost certain that I would have to give my driving licence away.

- Mr GM, Drink Driving, Hammersmith, Sept 2017

Dear Sana

Thank you very much again for all of your help. Feroz warned Rikki at the beginning that there was no way to avoid a ban, and that the best we could hope for was one that would be as short term as possible.

With the help of Ms Dean, who I have to say was absolutely superb (immediately getting the phone charge thrown out, as well as refuting part of the prosecution argument as it wasn’t supported by a charge), Rikki has been very lucky to have a ban below that stated by the guidelines.

Thank you again for all of your help

- Mr RH, Drink Driving and Mobile Phone Offence, Birmingham, Sept 2017

I wish to pass on my sincere thanks to Ilyas for his efficiency, professionalism and expert knowledge that was shown to me whilst he was dealing with my case. This resulted in a successful outcome.   I am most grateful to him.

- Ms S B, Driving without Insurance, Wirral, Sept 2017

May I personally thank Ilyas, John and Feroz for your unwavering support, guidance and commitment.

Ilyas much of my communication was with you and I have found your reassurance to be outstanding as I know at times I took up much of your time! This whole incident has been quite distressing for me on a number of levels and I have questioned the justice system to the point that I will not let this go.  I am elated with the outcome and know it could not have been achieved without the support, guidance and representation of your firm.

This brings me onto my next point being John (copied) who at your instruction represented me at court.  There is no doubt that his advocacy on the day was most effectively represented and I wished to say that he is a credit to your team.  John was also very realistic as well as reassuring which was a great support to me personally so thank you to John and I would most certainly not hesitate in referring people to him too.

With respect to the officer I am now pursuing my personal complaint and intend to write to the Chief Constable. I will again write to the regions Chief Prosecutor who needs to be made aware of such cases and more importantly the outcome, as you know I requested he reviews the case but he was not willing.

If I were to sum up a testimonial I would add:

It is the most distressing time to be charged with an offence that you believe you did not commit and with this conviction I pleaded not guilty.  This conviction requires strong representation and advocates that also believe in you and your conviction and it is without doubt that I received all this and more from Caines Law. I believe their commitment, understanding and representation to also instruct impressive advocates in court contributed to the justice I was seeking being I was not guilty of any offence.

Once again thank you all and in the nicest possible way I hope our paths don’t cross under such circumstances in the future but otherwise I do hope they do.

Illyas I will absolutely come by your offices when I am next in the area and let you know.

John – Watch this space I may even apply to be a Northallerton magistrate to equal the balance!

- Ms JS, Careless Driving, Northallerton, Sept 2017

I contacted Caines Law after I was arrested for drink driving with an exceptionally high reading. This was my first offence and out of character and I had no idea how to deal with this. I contacted a number of Solicitors before requesting a free call back from Caines Law. Mr. Bhimani phoned back immediately and very patiently took all the sorry details. He was frank about the worst possible outcome (prison) but also advised on how to proceed given my personal circumstances.

Despite the fact that I was only able to instruct Caines Law 3 days prior to my court case, they saw me immediately and asked me to secure 2 character references. They contacted my GP and secured medical evidence outlining health issues at the time of the offence and took detailed information of all the circumstances. They secured the services of an experienced Barrister.

Despite the gravity of this offence, I found them to be non-judgemental and compassionate and also mindful that many offences are not as simple as they may appear. If you are honest regarding your cicumstances, they will present this mitigation realistically to the Court. I have no doubt that without their professionalism and quick action, I would have received a Custodial sentence.

They were also considerably better value than others – 20% less than the 5 others I contacted. If you are unfortunate enough to require their support, I recommend them highly.

- Ms L J, Drink Driving, Manchester, Sept 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to both Feroz Bhimani and Sana Karim at Caines Law for the superb service they have delivered ensuring that the CPS dropped a prosecution against me for failure to provide a specimen.

I found Caines Law on the internet and having read some testimonials I called on a Saturday morning and had the good fortune that Feroz answered my call. I was in distress at the time, however, Feroz was calming and reassuring and insisted that I had a strong case and I felt a lot more comfortable after the initial call.

Despite advice from other Legal representatives to plead guilty to the charge I stuck with the sound advice provided by Feroz and just before the case was due to be heard in court the CPS dropped the charge.If convicted of the alleged offence I was facing a lengthy driving ban or possibly an even worse outcome.

The service I have received from the Caines Law team could not have been more professional, supportive, personal and thorough. I have retained my licence and I can now move forward and put the past 3 months behind me. I highly recommend the team at Caines Law and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone finding themselves in similar circumstances to myself.


I had an extremely difficult motoring case, which was dealt with in an extremely professional manner. The CPS were being very difficult, but Ilyas Umarji was a master of making them see the error of their ways. I have nothing but praise for Ilyas, the way in which he dealt with the issue was superb. He constantly informed me step by step of what stage we were at.  I can only praise Ilyas for his brilliant attitude and fantastic manner in which he helped me in this matter. If you need the best help, then please do not hesitate to contact Ilyas.

Thank you once again Ilyas, you were superb.

- Mr P W, Speeding, Lincoln, February 2017

Hi Ilyas Umarji,

I hope you are well

May i take this opportunity to thank you and all your collegues for the assistance you gave to daniel on his recent court case relating to dangerous driving-although it has been a long drawn out affair, the outcome was such a relief and i feel sure that without your help and guidance the end result would have been so much different-expert and professional advice won the day and we are so grateful thank you once again.


- Mr D B, Dangerous Driving, February 2017

Hi Marc,

I hope this finds you well.

I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent job you did for me in my case.  I feel that I received excellent service and value for money from you and Caines Law.

For these reasons I would like to offer you a testimonial.

Obviously I would wish not to find myself in a similar situation again but would not hesitate to contact you if it was necessary, and I would happily recommend your services to others.

Please feel free to quote anything herein publicly by whatever means you wish but I kindly request that you do so anonymously – if you do quote me I would be perfectly happy to be approached by you for me to contact anyone that wanted to corroborate my opinions.

I wish you and Caines Law every continued success.



- Mr C P, Failure to identify driver, North Yorkshire, February 2017

Hi Marc McCormick,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help regarding my case. Your service has been nothing but exceptional and totally professional

I hope I am never in need of your services again but will keep your details and refer to others if ever needed

Please pass on my sincerest thanks to the solicitor that was present on both occasions as I think she was fantastic and really accommodating

Many thanks again

Kind Regards


- Mr G W, Speeding, Somerset, February 2017

Hi Ilyas,

I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given me over the last 7 1/2 months. As you are aware, a conviction would have been life changing for me. As such, this period of time has been an absolute emotional roller coaster.

I have to say that the team you assembled at the court yesterday was nothing short of formidable, and I am totally convinced that their mere presence was enough to make the CPS to effectively ‘throw the towel in’. The final result, ‘Case Dismissed’ was far better than I ever could have imagined.

I have now had a bit of time to reflect back on the process and fully recognise that you have consistently done the right things at the right time, made all the right decisions, brought in the right people, and always kept one step ahead of the CPS. I now fully recognise and appreciate the amount of expertise you have applied to this case.

In addition, you have continuously kept me up to date with the situation and progress, which has definitely helped me keep re-assured that you were always there, in the background, looking after my interests. This was very important to me.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. I am now back home, with all this behind me, and can honestly say ‘this is the first day of the rest of my life’.

Yes, the CPS tried to vacate (I don’t think I’ll ever forget that word now), but Mr Veni put forward an excellent objection and the magistrates did not take long to reject. Mr Veni actually told us before we went into trial that the CPS would apply to vacate and would give up the case if their application was rejected. I don’t know how he got that information, but he was clearly in a different league to the CPS and I suspect they did not want to take him on in a trial.

Prof. Douglas did not even make it into the court room, however I am totally convinced that his mere presence at court was a major factor to the CPS’s decision to give up the case.

For myself, I was doing my best Swan impression, calm and serine on the surface, but flapping like mad underneath. I was well aware that you had put me in the best possible position and was obviously very worried about a postponement (however unlikely that may be). I cannot thank you enough for the very strong objection you made to the CPS’s request to vacate – this was a master stroke. I have to admit that I was convinced the court would accept the request and postpone the trial to a date when Dr Bourne was available. I am also convinced that your successful objection was a huge turning point in this case, in my favour, and Mr Veni’s successful objection at trial sealed the outcome.

Please take this correspondence as full consent to publish anything I have written to you, and I sincerely hope it helps you get more business. I cannot recommend you highly enough.

With regard to the application to recover costs, I really appreciate you doing this for me. As you are aware, I did not want such an application to risk the outcome, however now that the outcome is fixed and cannot be changed, any recovery is welcome. My bank account is still healthy, so the six month time frame is of no significant concern to me. As you said on the phone last week, any financial recovery of legal costs will be a bonus.

With my very best regards,

P S, Sheffield

- Mr PS, Sheffield, February 2017

Dear Shama,

First of all, thank you ever so much for all your guidance and support following my road traffic accident in January 2017. Your help throughout will not be forgotten. You have been brilliant from our first call and secured an outcome for me that will go some way to compensate me for the injuries I suffered. I look forward to receiving the cheque in due course.

I will recommend Caines Law to all my friends and relatives in the event that there is a need for your help.

Thank you once again.

- Mr P J, Personal Injury, 5 February 2017

Dear Emily,

I just wanted to send you a brief line to say thank you for all your help and support, you’ve been amazing.

I know I am a client and pay for your services, but the way in which you have done so goes beyond a standard service. You have managed to combine professionalism with compassions, and guided me through a very difficult time. Despite your professionalism, I have never felt like just a client. I cannot thank you enough Emily.

… I know I can draw comfort from the fact that, should I need one, I have a damn good solicitor.

- Ms B M, Employment Law, 3 February 2017

I would like to thank Feroz Bhimani from Caines Law who successfully defended me for my drink driving charge. I’m a Doctor by profession and a conviction would have caused serious consequences for me, my family and my career. Through his excellent advice and representation, I was found not guilty when all other so called experts I had spoken to were advising me to plead guilty. I cannot thank him enough.

Dr SA, 11 January 2017

- Dr SA, Motoring Law, January 2017

I engaged Caines Law after experiencing a number of issues with my previous employment, which had caused me to secure employment elsewhere. The advice I received from Dominic Coyle was lucid, prompt and realistic. Unfortunately, my case was not strong enough to warrant proceeding to tribunal but with the involvement of Caines Law, I was able to secure payment of salary that had been incorrectly underpaid. Without their involvement I do not think my previous employer would have been willing to admit their mistake, and so I did at least achieve some financial recourse, and enough satisfaction to put a sorry episode behind me and move on with my career.


- Mrs DM, Employment Law, November 2016

I would like to thank Dominic Coyle and his team for an excellent outcome in a case that many organisations would not pursue because I had not being with my employer for 2 years.

I had experienced unfair treatment at work Dominic showed true professionalism and was always honest. He was accurate and to the point and got a grasp of a complicated situation and got to the crux of the issues very quickly, presented them to my former employer and we got the result I need to move on. Thank you very much for an honest, friendly and professional service.

I hope this goes some way to show my appreciation.


- MT, Employment Law, November 2016


I just wanted to thank everyone at Caines Law for all your help and more importantly your support, when you had to put up with my frustrations at times, you are all to the last a great and professional team.

I got a 7 day ban, which I believe to be the best outcome that I could have hoped for, doesn’t really affect me as I have booked the week off work anyway, the £455 fine does sting a little but I’m sure I will survive and more importantly I have learnt a valuable lesson..which is..the Police can lie to get a conviction…or how can I put it another way not lie but not tell the whole story.

Anyway thanks again, hopefully I will not need your services again but if I do need a good solicitors firm in the future or I know of anybody who does I will definitely look you guys up..Good luck!

Warmest Regards,

S L.

Caught doing 90mph in a 40!!

- Mr S L, Speeding, October 2016

I would like to first of all thank Feroz Bhimani and Zain Malik for all their help, patience and support during negotiations with my former employer regarding my settlement.

I was really impressed by their professionalism and manner and would recommend the firm to any friends or family at the blink of an eye.

Thank you again.



- Mr O A, London, Settlement Agreement, August 2016

Whilst driving through London earlier this year, I was pulled over when some passing on-duty policemen noticed a fault with my car. After pulling me over, the policemen proceeded to arrest me for a suspected drink driving offence.

I was in turmoil. I work for the NHS, and have a very responsible job caring for sick children. This did not only threaten my reputation and my driving license, but my career also.

I instructed Caines Law after finding them on the internet and following a very supportive and optimistic conversation with Feroz Bhimani, who believed I had a very strong argument against the accusations.

Caines Law did me extremely proud. My lawyer was in contact with me regularly, and was incredibly supportive. I didn’t feel I was alone, and I didn’t have to chase her, or the company, in any way. Everything was handled with the utmost urgency and with the utmost professionalism.

After collaborating the evidence, considering witness statements and instructing a toxicologist, the case was eventually discontinued after five months due to insufficient evidence and discrepancies with the way my arrest was handled by the police. I didn’t even need to attend court.

I am completely grateful to Caines Law, Jessica Wilson and Feroz Bhimani in particular for allowing me to contest these accusations and move forward with my life.

- Ms AD, Excess alcohol charge, August 2016

Rebecca Walmsley took on my case to secure a settlement with my former employer, at a time when my mental state was fragile. She provided me with honest advice and supported me through a traumatic period, understood the nature of my dispute and gave balanced and quality advice throughout. Not once did I feel she was not representing my interests; indeed, she went the extra mile at a point other solicitors might have thrown in the towel, and I was delighted that she managed to support my case assertively and with integrity, and secured a settlement with which I cannot complain.  I would not hesitate to use her or Caines Law in the future, as her knowledge and understanding of employment law was exemplary, as was her conduct in the face of aggressive posturing by my ex-employer’s legal team.

Mike Matthews – AND  you can use my name.

- Mr M M, Settlement Agreement, Leicestershire, July 2015

I would like to thank Rebecca Walmsley for all the hard work she completed for me, it was all completed in a professional manner, all phone calls from myself to the office where either answered straight away or we’re returned that same day. It was a big relief that I could sit back and let Caines Law look after my problem from beginning to end”.

- Mr S J, Settlement Agreement, Manchester, July 2015

Firstly I would like to thank you all (Ilyas Umarji, Natasha McGarr and Feroz Bhimani) for your help throughout my case and as you can imagine I am over the moon with the outcome of ‘Not Guilty’ the barrister on the day of trial Ms Olivia Potts was excellent.

Due to the outcome being ‘Not Guilty’ I was advised all my fees would therefore be refundable. This is fantastic news and I am grateful for all your hard work and guidance.

Ms D H W, London, July 2015

- Ms D H W, Drunk in charge, London, July 2015

In the month of May 2015, I had a very serious accident and was charged with drink driving. I was very disturbed by the accident and the charges of dangerous driving further added to my distress. It was affecting all aspects of my life.

After various searches on the internet for solicitors who deal with such cases, I came across Caines Law. I am very pleased to have approached them and extremely grateful for their excellent services.

I found them very reasonable and flexible on the payment schedule, accommodating, professional and highly competent. Miss Jessica Wilson who dealt with my case in particular has been exceptional in her professionalism and expertise in her field. It is thanks to her expertise and remarkable eye for detail  that I still hold my driver’s licence. She instantly identified from the documents the CPS presented that they lacked solid evidence and the case could not be proceeded with, hence the charges had to be dropped and recover the legal cost. It was a great relief for me and a big burden off my head.

I would without a shadow of a doubt highly recommend Caines Law for their distinguished services and I rate them a well deserving 5*

Thank you


AT, London, July 2015

- Mr A T, Dangerous Driving and Driving with Excess Alcohol, London, July 2015

I want to thank Caines Law solicitors, especially Ms Rebecca Walmsley who handled my case from day one. She was very professional and compassionate. Her advice, guidance and solid defence reinstated me to my job and position when I was dismissed from work. I really appreciate it and would recommend Caines Law to any one seeking legal assistance.

MA from Birmingham, July 2015

- Mr MA, Birmingham, Employment Law, July 2015

I was delighted in the way in which Natasha McGarr handled my case, she was exceptionally professional, kept me updated of progress throughout and ultimately succeeded in ensuring that my case was discontinued by the prosecution by making a case that there was not sufficient evidence for a conviction, I highly recommend Natasha and her firm, Caines Law.

Mr MM, London, July 2015

- Mr MM, Failure to identify driver, London, July 2015

I am writing to you to thank you and your team at Caines Law for the fantastic not guilty verdict I received yesterday.
My barrister Ms Vanessa James did an incredible job putting together such a solid defence strategy for me and my witnesses.
Her clear easy to understand instructions  made it easy for us to deal with anything the prosecution threw at us. Her case building skills are second to none and I would like to thank her so much for her sterling efforts. Once again thank you for all the help and advice and hard work that landed me the ultimate result.



p.s. Please pass on my  deepest thanks to Ms Vanessa James.

- Mr C S, Drink Driving, London, June 2015

I would like to thank Ilyas Umarji and also collectively, Caines Law for taking on my case and winning it. Extremely professional and helpful team. I had a complicated case and the team at Caines Law worked very professionally to the highest order and helped me win the case & clearing me of all charges.

I will highly recommend Caines Law to anyone looking for lawyers to fight their case.

Mr R U

- Mr R U, London, June 2015, Failure to identify driver

I am obviously over the moon about the trial outcome but wondered if that is the end of this horrible mess for good?

It just feels a bit too good to be true.

On a happier note please see below. I’ve provided a testimonial.

My first experience with Caines Law was after I’d unfortunately received a charge of driving without due care and consideration. I was absolutely devastated and didn’t really know what to do. I made all of two phone calls to other companies before I spoke to a very kind, patient lady called Shama. I felt instantly reassured that all would be well and felt every confidence that I could trust and rely on this company to help me with this situation. Shama went through all aspects of the charge and what it involved. She spent time, talking through my options, I felt like I had very sound legal advice and proceeded to plead not guilty to the charge. I was a complete mess about this whole situation and had many questions that needed to be answered, this is where I found Ilyas, another lawyer who worked with Shama. He quickly introduced himself and was more than happy to answer all questions and put my mind at ease. I instantly relaxed and knew I was in the best hands. Any time in needed information, I was always met with a friendly manner and ‘happy to help’ attitude. The day before I was due to go to the trial I received a phone call from Ilyas to say the charge had been dropped and I no longer needed to attend court. The Legal team at Caines Law had worked so hard behind the scenes, they had actually managed to fight my case for me without the need for court hearings and the stress all melted away. Ilyas has even started the ball rolling to recover my costs so there is a chance I will be reimbursed.

I can’t thank the legal team enough for all their hard work but most of all for making a horrid experience more bearable by being compassionate,caring and understanding. I highly recommend this legal team and am so glad I called them in my hour of need.

Kind Regards,


- Ms K M, Driving without due care, June 2015

I left the court greatly relieved to have retained my driving licence despite having accumulated 12 points in a 3 year period.

You had identified a strong case for me to retain my license on the grounds that a driving ban would cause exceptional hardship for a number of immediate and extended family members. This case proved to be compelling to the magistrates in the court. Without your help in pulling together all the relevant information it would not have been possible to build such a strong case. Mr Small, the Barrister appointed by Caines Law had clearly been well briefed and understood both my case and the law. He was thus able to set out the case for the defence to the court which ultimately proved successful. Without your help I would be walking to work and a number of my family members would be struggling due to my mistake, so thanks to you and your firm for all your help.


C T, May 2015

- Mr C T, Exceptional Hardship, May 2015

To Ilyas,

Im just emailing a brief testimonial for yourself and the company Caines Law. I was very happy with the way you handled the trial , which was very professional with minimum fuss. I was obviously happy with the outcome of the trial and I would definitely use your services again. Sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner.

Best Regards

Mr C C, Manchester, June 2015

- Mr C C, Traffic Light Defence, Manchester, June 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zain Malik and his team at Caines Law for all the help, understanding of my condition and advice, also please pass on our thanks to counsel for her expertise, advice, compassion and tenacity. She was very understanding and positive with both Alison and myself during our meeting times and suitably searching and persistent with the Eurotest directors.

Mr AC, London, June 2015

- Mr A C, Employment Tribunal Matter, June 2015

Dear Zain Malik

Thank you again for your advice and guidance on these matters. You have been an excellent ear and I would happily recommend Caines Law to any individual requiring legal assistance.

Mr M G, London

- Mr M G, Employment Matter, London, May 2015

I cannot recommend Caines Law highly enough, I dealt with Feroz Bhimani who initially who laid out the legal framework of the case, gave me an understanding of my options and potential outcomes which gave me the confidence to choose them over others who I contacted.

After I instructed them we had very little time to construct the argument and mitigation, but they leapt to the challenge like a Salmon heading upstream ! It was Jessica Wilson who took control of the case at this stage and her work was thorough, to the point and fast. Jessica kept me and the court informed at every stage and when I had any questions she was there to answer them.

If it hadn’t have been for the advice of Caines Law then I have no doubt that the outcome would have been very different to the successful result we got.

- Mr B B, Stratford, Motoring Law Matters, June 2015


I’d like to thank all the guys at Caines Law for their hard work and massive push to help me keep my license. The service I and you also would recieve is absolutely by far fantastic. You never know what could happen I felt I was guaranteed to lose my license but with the help from this top group of solicitors….I’ve managed to maintain mine.

So here’s to Caines Law solicitors!….thanks for everyone’s efforts.

Kind regards

BE, June 2015

- Mr B E, London, Exceptional Hardship, June 2015

Dear Rebecca Walmsley

I wanted to thank you again for all your help.

Being made redundant was very stress experience, but Caines Law made a very difficult situation a lot easier, they were always available when I called or emailed and kept me updated throughout the entire process.

Caines Laws’ professionalism and attention to detail made me feel that my affairs were properly looked after and they had my best interest at heart.

Kind Regards,

FM, London

- Ms FM, Settlement Agreement, London, June 2015

Dearest Rebecca,

I really wanted to take a moment to truly thank you for all your support and help to date! From the moment I contacted you, I found you really helpful and you gave me the strength to achieve a result that has allowed me to walk away and move on! Fingers crossed the last few steps are now simple, with all the challenges behind me. Thank you again, and also to Feroz!! I would recommend both of you in a heartbeat! With thanks and gratitude!! Sincerely, TK

I would recommend you (and the firm) in a heartbeat and cannot thank you enough for all your support to date!

- Ms TK, Settlement Agreement, June 2015

I am writing to thank Rebecca Walmsley for the outstanding work she did for me. Words cannot give my appreciation justice. She was superbly efficient and professional. Her foresight on all matters on my case was truly remarkable. I owe the success of my case to Rebecca’s dedication and perseverance, which showed throughout the three months that she was handling my case.

It goes without saying that I will always refer to your firm if the need ever arises that I shall need any legal assistance again. Once again my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

- Mr AG, Breach of Contract/ WTR/ Unlawful Deduction of Wages – Jan 2015

Caines Law were very professional. I was kept informed throughout my case.
They explained the procedures to me in full.
I was very happy with the level of service provided. I was facing prosecution for three allegations of Failing to Identify the Driver. All three allegations were withdrawn before the matter proceeded to Court for trial.

Thanks to Caines Law, in particular, my thanks goes to Thomas.

- Mr AD, Banbury MC, Dec 2014

I just wanted to thank you and your team for your efforts. Your representation of me was impressive and proved to be invaluable. Although I was found guilty, my punishment would have been far more severe without your help compiling a case as strong as the one we put forward. I would also like to comment on the performance of Ms Vanessa James in the courtroom, who was relentless in her endeavour to clear my name.

I wish you all the best in future and will definitely call on you again if I need legal representation, although I cannot say this is a necessity I hope will arise again.

- Mr JPK, Bromley MC, Dec 2014

I have recently had dealings with Ilyas at Caines Law due to wrongly being accused of driving without insurance. Under the circumstances it was a pleasure to deal with Ilyas who was continually reassuring, even when I was ranting on about my circumstances he was totally professional and always polite. When trying to contact Ilyas I was very impressed by the response time and didn’t have to do the usual going through endless options to get contact, the response was mostly immediate or certainly by the end of the working day. When the case was discontinued I was not informed by letter but by a call from Ilyas who could not disguise his delight at the outcome.

Believe me I am not easily pleased but I would recommend Caines Law to anyone I know with absolute confidence.

- Ms JN, Grantham MC, Dec 2014

I was delighted with the service provided by Caines Law. They are true professionals and really go the extra mile to help clients best present their case. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.

- Mr PD, Tottenham MC, Nov 2014

Thank you to Caines Law, and particularly Feroz and Thomas for everything they did for me in such a short space of time. They reassured me and prepared the case for Court, enabling my Barrister to obtain a lesser charge and sentence then expected. Both myself and family were relieved and I can’t thank them enough. My case was extremely serious and they still managed to save my licence.I highly recommend Caines Law!

- Mr SS, Coventry MC, Nov 2014

Caines Law solicitors are one of the best solicitors in the UK. Personally I think they are amazing with the way in which they deal with your case. They make you feel positive throughout and make you feel comfortable so that you can call or email them any time when you have a question that you want answering. Ilyas especially, was great to work with. He is an excellent lawyer and I felt very comfortable with him.I could call or email him any time and he would get back to me straight away and answer all my questions.

I am very happy with the result and I am pleased that I chose Caines Law. Once again, thank you very much Ilyas and Caines Law solicitors.

- Ms MD, Willesden MC, Nov 2014

I was in a situation where I was caught drunk in charge of a vehicle, If found guilty it would affect my job and personal life to a great extent.

I would like to thank Thomas and Feroz for everything, I would like to especially thank Thomas who was mainly dealing with my case. Thomas guided me through the whole process and reassured me that everything will be okay.

I was delighted to receive an email from Thomas a month before the court date informing me that he managed to persuade the CPS to discontinue the case. They did not have enough evidence that I would of drove the car whilst under the influence of alcohol.

I am delighted that I chose Caines Law to deal with my case, they achieved the best possible result. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who is found in a difficult position.

Thank you once again for everything, I really appreciate it. I am absolutely over the moon with the result.

- Mr OE, Birmingham MC, Oct 2014

I would like to thank Caines Law Solicitors. In particular, I would like to thank Ilyas. I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable.

The whole process has been easy. Ilyas was very reassuring throughout, informing me every step of the way. I didn’t even have to go to court. I was facing prosecution for failing to identify the driver, before the matter went to Court, Ilyas managed to get the case discontinued.

I can’t thank the team enough, especially Ilyas. I Would certainly recommend Caines Law to anyone should they have a driving offence.

Thanks very much.

- Ms MT, Colchester MC, Oct 2014

I first spoke to Feroz back in March and was straight away made to feel very comfortable and relaxed.

He was very professional and also very understanding of my situation. I knew then that I was making the right decision on Caines Law representing me with my case.

I had subsequent dealings with Thomas who was equally as good.

All my correspondence with Thomas was very professional and also very warm which again put me at ease through this stressful time.

I would like to say now thank you all very much for what  you have done and was a fantastic outcome.

The barrister who represented me yesterday was excellent and if you could pass on a big thanks to her I would appreciate it.

- Mr PU, Chelmsford MC, Sept 2014

Dear Zain and Feroz, I would like to thank the both of you very much.

I was absolutely delighted to receive a letter from the DVSA confirming that, in light of our representations, they will not be taking any further action! I was absolutely over the moon when I received the letter as losing my Instructor’s licence, particularly in light of my profile within the industry, would have been highly detrimental to my career. I cannot thank you both enough for such an excellent result. I would have no hesitation recommending your services to anyone

Thanks again for the very successful result you have achieved.

- Mr KH, Professional Discipline Matter, Sept 2014

I recently found myself in the very difficult position of a Totting up ban which would affect my job and personal life immensely.  On contacting several Solicitors on the Internet and speaking to them on reply, I decided to chose Caines Law to put my case forward for Extreme Hardship, as they came over with the knowledge and confidence.

My main contact at Caines Law was Luke Unsworth, who guided me through the process of building a case for Extreme Hardship with diligence and personal care.

When Luke wasn’t available, there was always someone else on the phone whenever I had a problem to be answered.

On the day of the summons, the main priority was to avoid a ban at all costs.  A ban would have most definitely lost me my job, and any further employment in my field of technical sales would have been very difficult to obtain.  This situation would have put great strain on my home and marriage.  The Barrister on the day, as instructed by Caines Law managed very competently when putting my case of Extreme Hardship forward and as a result of this I managed to avoiding the ban in spite of totting up

I thank Caines Law for all their help over a very stressful period for my wife and myself, and would recommend them to anyone who found themselves in a similar unfortunate position.

Lastly, the price quoted to me for putting the case forward, was not alter throughout the whole process. There were no hidden costs. and no restrictions on calls or emails.

- Mr GH, Bury MC, April 2014

I was very pleased with the service I received at Caines Law regarding my employment issues.  Together they achieved the end result that was outlined to me in my initial conversation and I have already recommended them to other people.

- Ms LT, Settlement Agreement, April 2014

I contacted Caines Law when my daughter told me she was due to appear at the magistrates court in 5 days time to face a charge of speeding which could have resulted in an automatic six month disqualification. She was distraught; I was upset as this could have resulted in the loss of her job. With a mortgage to pay which relied on two incomes and 2 small children losing her licence and possibly her job, just before Christmas, was a very distressing.

I contacted Caines Law and spoke to Feroz. He immediately put my mind at rest and showed concern, empathy and understanding. After discussing my daughters case and her situation he agreed to take the case, assuring me that he felt a very positive outcome could be achieved, He said he would not take the case had he not felt this. He also assured me that at even at such short notice he was confident of success. Feroz arranged for the hearing to be deferred giving us more time to obtain the documents needed for court.  I was then put in the very capable hands of Luke Unsworth.

Luke was magnificent, Within 30 mins he emailed all of the documentation including witness  statement templates to assist us in the preparation of our case.  He kept in contact and kept us updated at all stages. He provided contact details should we need to discuss anything with him. He showed genuine concern for us and helped in every way he could. He explained everything so we knew what to expect when we went to court. The Barrister he appointed was great, very professional and understanding and had been fully updated.

My daughter said very little at the hearing; the Barrister had prepared the way and spoke in defense of my daughter. The outcome was the best we could have wished for. My daughter was issued with 5 points which meant she kept her licence and her job

I cannot thank Luke and Feroz enough for their commitment, professionalism, understanding and empathy. The service I received was excellent. They were brilliant I would highly recommend them to all.

- Ms SN, Wirral MC, March 2014

I engaged Caines Law in order to represent me in a matter concerning a serious motoring offence.

From my first phone call when I explained my situation, my options were clearly explained to me in a way that enabled me to start making informed choices for myself immediately.

The fees were also clearly explained with no hidden charges.

During the month waiting for my court appearance I found Caines Law extremely efficient, always available and extremely fast in replying to my emails. Their advice, guidance with the paperwork and process were invaluable.

On the day concerned, my Barrister which was provided by Caines Law was fully briefed and clearly understood my situation.

The outcome of my case in the end was the best outcome I could have hoped for and successful.

I believe however that my outcome would have been very different without support, professionalism and representation of Caines Law in this matter. I am extremely grateful for all that they did for me.

- Mr AT, Kidderminster MC, March 2014

I contacted Cains Law via their website after being arrested for a drink driving charge. Feroz immediately put me at ease and was extremely attentive in listening to me and giving me advice. I was left feeling extremely confident in putting my case into his hands.

Luke dealt with my case and was fantastic, quick to return any calls and emails. I felt I could contact him anytime with any worries. Luke was meticulous in the handling of my case, working through every route to help me keep a custodial sentence at bay and to keep my driving ban down to a minimum. I felt there was no stone left unturned in his preparations for my hearing. The choice of Barrister was excellent too and it resulted in a happy outcome, with no custodial sentence and my driving ban could have been a lot harsher than the one I was given. I recommend Caines Law for any motoring offence and I would have no hesitation in approaching them again

- Ms PK, Guildford MC, Jan 2014

I contacted Caines Law via their website following a DIC charge. I had previously no knowledge of the firm. My initial telephone consultation with Feroz Bhimani was both thorough and informative and I received more of his time than I had assumed would be the case on a free consultation basis. I was most impressed. Both Feroz and Luke Unsworth were diligent in their handling of the case, and the choice of barrister to represent me was excellent, and resulted in the case being dismissed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Caines Law to anyone who faces a motoring offence charge.

- Mr BC, Wimbledon MC, Dec 2013

My husband and I would like to thank Shama Karim of Caines Law for her professionalism and hard work with regard to my – road offence I was stopped by police as they checked and found that I was driving without insurance.  My insurers had cancelled my policy (fully paid up front) without telling me as they had not received the proof of my no claims discount although I had got in touch with my old insurance and put them in touch with my new one.

Anyway, Shama Karim managed to persuade the insurers to provide a letter of indemnity which meant that although technically I was driving without insurance, I was not in any way at fault. As a result of securing this letter, in spite of me not being insured, the insurance company considered me as being insured on the date of the alleged incident. As a result of securing this letter she also managed to persuade the Prosecution to discontinue proceedings.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shama Karim of Caines Law for the excellent service she provided us leading up to and completion of my speeding case

I would highly recommend Shama Karim to my family and friends requiring legal advice from a most friendly solicitor who gets the job done really well.

- Mrs SK, Bedford MC, Nov 2013

Caines Law did an excellent job.  I felt confident I was being represented with expert advice, provided in a friendly & approachable manner.  They were sensitive to my financial restraints and kindly provided their services through a ‘No Win, No Fee’ type arrangement.  Anyone who has the misfortune of a Tribunal/employment claim would be very fortunate to have them on their case.

I would happily recommend Caines Law to others as a result of my experience.  Thank you.

- NW, Constructive Dismissal, Nov 2013

My sincerest thanks to both Feroz and Luke at Caines Law who have both been very professional and supportive to me and my family throughout the process following a motoring incident which made the whole experience much more manageable and less stressful.

Their support has been without a doubt exceptional and reassuring and I have learnt a great deal through this experience which resulted in a very positive outcome. Many thanks again.

- Mrs SS, Thames Valley, Nov 2013

I was recommended to Caines Law by a friend when I found myself in danger of losing my driving license.  From the start they were very re-assuring and took me through all the steps required to prepare for the Magistrates Court.

James  looked after me through the whole process, he was always there to speak to when I was worried and answered all my questions immediately.  Without his help I would most certainly have lost my license and therefore my career.  I cannot thank him enough.

- Mr MT, Lavender Hill MC, Nov 2013

Caines Law Solicitors deliver their Legal services with the best practices. They do not just represent you but take the ownership of the case away from you, put themselves in your shoes and fight your legal battles. My dealings were predominantly with Shama Karim. She was excellent in every sense of the word.

I was surprised with the excellent Service I received which ended up in Victory. I am more than glad to say …. they know the Legal mathematical gebric-operi to the later and ready to win any case and make anyone a Victor.

- Mr TO, Chelmsford MC, June 2013

After a telephone call to Caines Law Solicitors, I realised how complicated the legal system is.However Caines Law staff are well trained and have excellent communication skills. They are friendly, efficient, honest, confident, very experienced and highly successful. They are by far the best law firm I have dealt with. They helped me understand the law simply, without being condescending.

Privately funded defence can be expensive. Caines Law however, were very competitively priced. They even set up an instalment plan to make it easier to make the payments.

I originally considered representing myself, but I am glad I didn’t. After observing Caines Law solicitors and barristers practice law, I realised I was fortunate to have such representation. I witnessed people at court attempting to represent themselves. They were in the same situation as me. However they left court unsuccessful.
Alone, the CPS will baffle you. You have no way of knowing what you are up against. Caines Law are specialists in law and are there for you, every step of the way, from start to the finish
There are many firms out there that will be happy to take your money but do not have the experience,resources, and network to give you 100%.
I highly recommend Caines Law

- Mr AM, Birmingham City MC, May 2013

My experience of Caines Law has been excellent, I was experiencing a change in circumstances in my work contract and required urgent independent advice. From a quick google search on a Sunday evening Caines Law came up and appeared suitable. I sent an e-mail request for advice and was called immediately for a free consultation. At that consultation I explained my situation and was given immediate advice in a professional and supportive manner which was very important to me during a period of potentially major change in my career. We agreed next steps and via e-mail reviewing of documents and meetings were able to resolve my position satisfactorily and I consider for good value. Most importantly I received swift, professional and thorough responses to my querie.

- Mr AC, Redundancy, March 2013

I thought that I should take the , perhaps all too rare, step of letting you know how pleased I was with the service I received recently from your firm when I was seeking help over a legal matter with my employer, Goole High School.

Whilst the sums involved were relatively low and the dealings very amicable, I needed the reassurance of having someone on my side that new what the process involved.

I was contacted by a Solicitor from the team, and found the whole process to be far less daunting than it may otherwise have been. He was able to explain the process in plain terms without needing to swamp the issues with jargon. He has, as I am sure you are well aware, a very personable manner and a calm disposition when dealing with people who are not used to engaging with the legal professions. I am sure that many of my questions would have bordered on being trivial.

I had intended to write to him directly to thank him for his assistance but decided that writing to the company and asking that my comments are passed onto the relevant section was more appropriate.

He seems a talented young man and should be recognized for his attributes, which all too often are in short supply when dealing anonymously with companies over the phone.

- Mr AS, Compromise Agreement, May 2013

I would like to thank the team at Caines Law and especially Feroz, for all the support that I received in fighting my case at court. As a retired Police officer I am only too aware of how daunting it can be to challenge a Police officer and have the audacity to disagree with their version of events. However, with the right support and a firm belief in your innocence, it is possible to take on the system and win.

Feroz was always just a phone call away and nothing was ever too much trouble. I knew instinctively that he would fight my corner and he instructed an equally good Barrister to defend my case. Feroz went through every aspect of my case in detail and advised me every step of the way. His reassurance and guidance through all of the procedures reduced some of the stress that is part of challenging authority.

This was my first time in a magistrates court on the wrong side and although I was rather pessimistic about the outcome, knowing how the courts work, I was more than happy to see the officer justify his actions. He could not and my case was dismissed. I would urge anybody in the same position to fight back, it is all too easy to be issued with an Fixed Penalty Notice and most of us just pay and take the points, the officer’s know this and do not really expect to be challenged. If you really believe that you are innocent, then get Caines Law behind you, you couldn’t wish for a better team.

- Mr CM, Hastings Magistrates’ Court, Jan 2013

Drink Driving charge- I was very worried was expecting a ban. Not if you have a great team to defend you. I had made the right choice, instructed an innovative and sharp lawyer in Shama Karim. She knew how to get me off the drink driving ban, she said she would fight for me and she did. She actually went one step further and I got my legal fees back.

The best legal professional I have worked with.

Many thanks Shama!

- Mr GT, Norwich Magistrates’ Court, Jan 2013

Upon being unfairly dismissed, I felt reassured of my rights by Caines Law, who were a tremendous help to me in my need.

They acted totally professionally and accurately and were always on time and extremely helpful on ALL occasions

I can say that I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has experienced the same as I am happy with the way they had handled my case in the utmost professional manner.

It is nice to know you are dealing with a professional Company.

- Ms LFW, Compromise Agreement, Jan 2013

I instructed Caines Law Solicitors in respect of my Appeal hearing.

As I was facing prosecution in respect of a motoring matter, I did not believe it would be necessary for me to instruct solicitors. As a professional working in stocks and shares, I am very well spoken and believed I was articulate enough to represent myself at Court.

Appearing in the magistrates

- Mr CW, Snaresbrook Crown Court, Dec 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Shama. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional yet at the same time was approachable. Her attention to detail and grasp of legal issues was second to none. She provided me with excellent advice and guidance in respect of the Court proceedings every step of the way.

Frankly, I do not believe I could have had better advice, guidance and service and I would have no hesitation in acting as a referee and recommending her services and that of Caines Law to those in need.

- Mr AR, Richmond Magistrates’ Court, Dec 2012

Feroz Bhimani is a solicitor who immediately puts clients at ease and then gets on with the job of solving their problems at a reasonable cost. I have no hesitation in recommending Feroz to any of my friends requiring legal advice from a friendly solicitor who gets the job done. He was very patient with my matter and went the extra mile to make it easier for me. He is excellent at his profession and what is more he is friendly, customer focused and a good communicator and you know that he will fight your corner whilst with an ethical approach.

I was successful which isn’t always guaranteed in legal matters but even if we had not have been I would still be recommending Feroz

- Mr NS, Birmingham Magistrates’ Court, Jan 2012

I would like to thank Shila for all the hard work she has engaged in regarding my matter. The service she provided was of the highest professional standard. She put me at ease from the very first moment. I cannot fault her in any way and would have no hesitation in recommending her.

- Mrs LJ, Swindon Magistrates’ Court, Dec 2012

My husband and I would like to thank Caines Law for their professionalism and hard work with regard to our son

- Mr RN, Reading MC, Sept 2012

I never believed I would have required the services of an Employment Solicitor. I had been employed by a major financial organisation for a number of years and it was therefore expected that they would follow the correct dismissal procedure. How wrong I was.

- Mr BM, Unfair Dismissal, Jan 2013

The below is a testimonial for a Solicitor at Caines Law

“Just read your letter again, that’s a fantastic piece of work. Beautifully crafted and worded that that obviously resonated with the Judge too and got us the result. Just wanted to thank you for everything you have done thus far.”


- Mr ZT, Unfair Dismissal, Jan 2013

Caines Law provided me with legal advice regarding an offence of failure to identify the driver of a speeding vehicle. After a 6 month process I have just been found not guilty in the magistrate’s court. I cannot thank the team at Caines Law enough for their help at what was a very difficult time.

I avoided a conviction, a ban and got my legal fees back in full. I hope I won’t need to instruct a lawyer again but if I do, Cain Law are on my speed dial. No pun intended.

- Mr MJ, Lincoln Magistrates’ Court, May 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one at Caines Law for the excellent service they had provided me, leading up to and completion of my speeding case.

After being caught speeding and being caught going over 100mph, I was extremely concerned as to how i was able to keep my job as driving is an essential part of what i do…

After speaking to the first class solicitors at Caines Law, my worries were immediately squashed and put at ease, and for that I cannot thank them enough.

Especially Shama karim whose professionalism through out this process has been second to none for me, she has always answered my questions courteously and in such a way that i found easy to understand and for that I cannot thank her enough. Her professionalism through out my ordeal made it as painless as possible for me.

As a result of the above I would not hesitate in recommending Shama or Caines Law to anyone needing their services as I now that they would be in very good hands.

Thank you once again for all that you have done you have been amazing!!

- Mr KT, Salisbury Magistrates’ Court, October 2012

I was recently represented by Caines Law for being in charge of a motor vehicle whilst being too drunk. I was never guilty of supervising, and was only a passenger.

I firstly phoned and spoke to Feroz through finding the website online, from that point I felt that he’s dedication towards getting me the best possible outcome was far greater than any other solicitors I had spoke to about my case.

He’s knowledge and the hard work he put towards my case made me feel very confident that I was sure to get the best result, which I did!

Even the advice he gave my girlfriend who was charged with other driving offences linked to mine was fantastic!

Throughout the whole process he’s service was outstanding, and meeting in person in London to discuss the case again only made me feel more confident that I had made the correct choice.

I’d like to personally thank him, and everyone at Caines Law for your brilliant service.

- Mr TW, North East Hertford Magistrates Court, December 2012

I would like to say thank you to the team at Caines Law for all your assistance with our recent court appearance for alleged motoring offences as the care, communication and service provided throughout our case was excellent

I was really desperate for help when I contacted Caines Law Solicitors as my wife was facing two cases of failing to provide information relating to speeding offences, both cases carried 6 penalty points each and therefore would lead to a totting up ban. Initially I spoke to Feroz who put my mind at rest that you would be with us every step of the way – including the appearance at court.

Shama managed to get a previous conviction set aside and arranged for both cases to be heard at the same time. Shama prepared all the paperwork, liaised with the court on numerous occasions and instructed a barrister to attend court alongside my wife.

I was quoted a fixed fee and allowed to pay this in three installments prior to the court hearing. Surprisingly, this included the fee for a barrister to attend court on our behalf.

The cases resulted in a fine and points but no ban as Stephanie Varle, the barrister that was appointed was absolutely fantastic and she successfully managed to persuade a very harsh and stern bench that it would be very detrimental to us and our close family if my wife was to lose her licence.

I originally intended to try and defend these on my own and I’m so pleased I didn’t as we are 100% convinced that had we not had such excellent representation my wife would have received a 6 month driving ban and a more severe fine”.

My wife and I are very grateful to Feroz, Shama and Stephanie as they were exceptional and I have no hesitation in recommending them for assisting us through a very stressful and upsetting time and I cannot thank the Caines Law team enough for helping us put this whole episode behind us at long last.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Caines Law Solicitors to anyone needing professional expert motoring lawyers.

I’d like to thank Feroz and Shama who remained calming voices of reason from my very first call to Caines Law through to the day before my case. I think it would be remiss of me not to highlight Stephanie Varle

- Mr PC, Blackpool Magistrates’ Court, April 2012

If you are reading this then you may well be looking for help regarding a recent driving incident, you are looking for someone you can trust, a team of people that will offer you the best advice and also be confidential, professional and work hard for you in whatever driving related situation you have found yourself in.

I was looking for the same and found CAINES LAW. I also read testimonials by other satisfied clients who were obviously overwhelmed by the service provided.

Well, my testimonial is no different.

In short I had an accident whilst over the prescribed legal alcohol limit, there were aggravating factors: the accident (fortunately no-one hurt – as I hit a stationary vehicle and had no passengers) ; I left the scene to return home shocked (only some 200 yards away) ; in my confusion I consumed more alcohol to steady myself. The police arrived a short time later, breathalised me and arrested me for suspicion driving while intoxicated. I was in a lot of trouble. I was subsequently charged with drink driving and failure to report an accident in a reasonable time scale. The limit that I was over had been greatly increased due to my post incident consumption.

The prosecution did not fully accept the post incident consumption so I was looking at possible custodial – that was the grim but very real situation. By instructing CAINES LAW to work for me I immediately realised that their experience and professionalism had a very reassuring effect. We gradually worked through the facts and although there were the aggravating factors we also discovered many mitigating circumstances also. We began to work towards a damage limitation exercise in reducing the breath reading (#) to the more likely lower reading as it was at the time of the accident (#). By instructing an independent forensic scientist – by CAINES LAW – an expert whose report showed a massive difference to the original charge breath level.

Together we prepared a strong defence and with the templates and guidelines supplied by CAINES LAW for references and mitigating elements along with personal statements we were ready for the courts.

I arrived extremely apprehensive to meet the barrister appointed by CAINES LAW, he was polite, assertive and extremely diligent, he had already studied all the case notes and had a full understanding of the situation. We took a guilty route to opt for maximum credit, but also submitted a basis of plea re: the post incident consumption, the court adjourned for two weeks for further consideration by the prosecution.

Between the first and second hearing CAINES LAW drafted a communication to present the basis of plea and the facts that supported it. At the second hearing the prosecution accepted this basis. My counsel, appointed by CAINES LAW, gave a full reflection of mitigating details allowing the magistrates to fully appreciate the facts which can support a more lenient outcome considering the circumstances. My sentence was as good as it could have been and relief was massive.

Yes I did received a ban, yes I did get a fine, and this was the true reflection of the situation – but it was greatly reduced from the sentence I could have received.

- Mr SC, Worthing Magistrates’ Court, April 2012

I have to say my experience with Caines Law cannot be commended highly enough.

Caines Law are truly #1 in every aspect of the services which they provide. They could not be more approachable or more helpful. Their attention to detail was second to none, with any and all contact answered immediately and issues resolved straight away without any fuss whatsoever.

In court their grasp of the issues was notable in the concise and yet comprehensively clear manner in which they addressed the court in mitigation on my behalf, which the court in turn clearly understood in view of the judgement passed.

Frankly, I do not believe I could have had better advice, guidance and service and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to those in need.

- Mr RS, Tottenham Magistrates’ Court, March 2012

I have to say my experience with Caines Law cannot be commended highly enough.

Caines Law are truly #1 in every aspect of the services which they provide. They could not be more approachable or more helpful. Their attention to detail was second to none, with any and all contact answered immediately and issues resolved straight away without any fuss whatsoever.

In court their grasp of the issues was notable in the concise and yet comprehensively clear manner in which they addressed the court in mitigation on my behalf, which the court in turn clearly understood in view of the judgement passed.

Frankly, I do not believe I could have had better advice, guidance and service and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to those in need.

- Mr AC, Abergavenny Magistrates’ Court, March 2012

Feroz Bhimani is a solicitor who immediately puts clients at ease and then gets on with the job of solving their problems at a reasonable cost. I have no hesitation in recommending Feroz to any of my friends requiring legal advice from a friendly solicitor who gets the job done. He was very patient with my matter and went the extra mile to make it easier for me.

He is excellent at his profession and what is more he is friendly, customer focused and a good communicator and you know that he will fight your corner whilst with an ethical approach. I was successful which isn’t always guaranteed in legal matters but even if we had not have been I would still be recommending Feroz

- Mr NS, City of London Magistrates

Further to my brief appearance at Taunton Magistrates court, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all your staff for the efficient and courteous manner in which my case was handled. I would especially like to thank Mr Feroz Bhimani who guided me through each stage of the case and liaised with a most efficient barrister who obtained a better than expected verdict.

- Mr JT, Taunton Magistrates