Ms A.K, Speeding Offences (Multiple), March 2019

Feroz, I would like to thank you for your support, time, advise, and the understanding you have shown to me. The result has made me feel deeply and forever grateful to you and your team, Faye and the judges and the UK system that accepted and sympathized with me, no doubt based on the result.

I don’t think I could have this result without you and our discussions. And therefore I would like to thank you. At the same time I feel deeply grateful to Faye, she studied my case, she was well prepared, she asked me all the right questions and gave a fight for me.

I have been very unlucky with this situation and I am grateful that my luck changed, I was with you, Ilyas’ support whenever needed and I had Faye. I had judges that treated me with respect, listened carefully and were open-minded and if I was to say they showed understanding it would be an understatement.

Once again thank you Feroz,

Ms C.V, Failure to Provide Specimen(s), December 2019

I have just received the amazing news today that CPS have dropped the charge against me of failing to provide a specimen and I will therefore not need to attend court. I had already decided that regardless of the outcome I would write to you to tell you how amazing I have found the service from Caines Law and in particular Ilyas Umarji.

When the alleged offence took place I was going through a devastating time, having recently found my partner dead in the most dreadful circumstances. My mental health was very fragile and the last thing I needed was a Court case and possible driving ban. Right from the very first phone call to you Feroz, after I luckily stumbled across Caines Law on the Internet, to all the dealings I have had with Ilyas, I could not have found people any more sympathetic, understanding and professional. Ilyas has constantly kept me informed of every action and development, not once have I had to chase anything. He quickly gained my complete trust despite my guard being very much up after the most unpleasant and disturbing episode in the police station. He has demonstrated great emotional intelligence, understanding my medical issues and being so patient with me when I have needed reassurance. I have never felt rushed but knew he would always take the time I needed to make my point or ask another question. When he told me the good news today and I said how grateful I was to him, he modestly said it was thanks to you Feroz and the people who trained him.

I hope I never need your services again but I would not hesitate to contact you again if I did and I will most certainly recommend you.

So finally, a huge thank you to you all at Caines Law and in particular Ilyas Umarji.

Miss A.S, Speeding Offence, January 2019

I contacted Caines law when my daughter was caught speeding in quite a significant way, this was a big deal for her as she is about to enter into a regulated profession and about to sit final exams

One of our many concerns was that what we thought was an inevitable court date would conflict with exams

We were delighted that through the guidance of Caines law the whole matter was commuted to a £100 fine and 3 points

A fantastic result thank you

Ms E.M, Speeding and Failing to Provide Driver Details, February 2022

Caines Law are amazing! Thank you and keep up the good work.

The team of solicitors are highly courteous, professional and they are really supportive and empathetic. Their knowledge around the law and the court processes and timelines was second to none!

I have been impressed from start to finish and even more impressed with the outcome they achieved for me – it was my best case scenario!

Thank you!

Mr I.A, Driving Without Due Care and Attention, March 2022

I was Summoned to Court for ‘Driving Without Due Care and Attention’. I disagreed with the case and my driving licence is important for my work as well as that I knew my insurance premiums would increase with points on my licence so I decided to fight the case.

I spent months hoping to get the Met Police to drop the case, but got nowhere, and I felt they were withholding video evidence or couldn’t be bothered to send them. I even had telephone consultations with two solicitors and they advised me to plead guilty.

A friend recommended Caines Law — I thought they wouldn’t be able to help or suggest I plead guilty like the other two solicitors, however the case was dropped within a week of them taking it on due to the issues with obtaining evidence from the Met Police.

I didn’t think I would be able to re-claim cost, but Feroz is now handling this for me as well.

Mr J.C, Speeding Offences, January 2022

Feroz gave me fantastic advice and was very helpful in solving my problem and achieved the outcome I wanted within a single afternoon. Caines law is an efficient and effective firm that genuinely cares about the people it represents and the successful outcomes they achieve so regularly for their clients are evidence of this.

Would recommend Caines law to anyone who has difficulties and feroz in particular for traffic offences.

Mrs L.G, Driving Without Due Care and Attention and Driving Without Insurance (Special Reasons), November 2021

Very professional law firm, had a pleasure of dealing with Ilyas. Always kept me updated and always calm and reassuring. I had two offences and with Ilyas legal advice and support, we were able to discontinue one offence and got the minimum penalty.
I can’t recommend them enough. If you have any motoring issue, don’t hesitate to contact this law firm.