42 Points… Gone In 21 Days!

Did you know that you could face a mandatory 6 month driving disqualification if you accumulated 12 penalty points on your driving licence?

Imagine how our client felt when he was facing prosecution for several motoring offences which could have resulted in his licence being endorsed with 42 penalty points.

With our representation and legal expertise, we were able to help our client avoid an 18 month driving disqualification by putting forward an Exceptional Hardship argument based on the difficulties that his employer, colleagues and patients would face if he was to receive a lengthy driving disqualification.

Not only did the Court depart from the Sentencing Guidelines by imposing a driving disqualification of a mere 21 days, but this also had the effect of wiping clean all the points on our clients driving licence! Another great result from our Motoring Team!

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Drunk Driving – Not Guilty

Caines Law have this week successfully defended two clients who were both charged with Drink Driving. Both clients instructed the Firm after having been charged with the offence and having spoken to other Firms who had advised the same clients that defending the charge would not be possible. Both cases were dismissed after trial on the basis that the Court found that the Intoximeters used to record both clients’ test results could not be relied on. Both clients were ecstatic with the results. Both clients successfully applied for a Defence Costs Order which was allowed to permit them to recovery costs incurred in their defence.