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Why Instruct Us?

Criminal proceedings can be complex and lengthy, the outcome of which can lead to potentially devastating and life changing consequences.  It is therefore imperative that you secure expert legal advice at an early stage.

Unlike many firms our work is prepared and supervised by fully qualified solicitors. This ensures that you are in the safest hands possible. The advice we provide and the manner in which your case is prepared and presented to the Court will undoubtedly reflect this. The well known idiom ‘you get what you pay for’ comes to mind.

Our specialist solicitors carry out a thorough evaluation of your case, providing you with the most reliable advice and will carry out an in depth analysis of the evidence relied upon by the Prosecution with a view to identifying holes and inconsistencies. These avenues would then be explored and where appropriate specialist experts specific to the area concerned will be instructed to provide forensic/medical/technical evidence to assist in defending the allegation.  The Barristers that we instruct for the purposes of advocacy will be tailored to the requirements of the case, their expertise reflected in the excellent track record they possess.

Where applicable and upon instruction of our clients, our specialist solicitors will carry out negotiated settlements with the Prosecution in an attempt to secure a more lenient charge.

We only provide our services on a privately funded basis and the mere reason for this is we aim to provide the best representation to our clients and do not like the quality of our work to be compromised in any way.  As we are the best in our field, we do not like restraints nor do we like being dictated in respect of how our cases should be prepared.

Our clients can pay for private legal representation in two ways. They can be charged fees on an hourly rate on the basis of time spent with regard to the preparation of their case. Alternatively, they can be charged a fixed fee which would cover all of the work and preparation including representation at Court.  Most of our clients prefer the fixed fee option for a number of reasons: The fixed fees we quote are surprisingly very reasonable and in all circumstances are less than if the client was to instruct us on an hourly basis.  In addition to this, individuals are well versed with the cost of legal fees from the outset, providing them with peace of mind in the knowledge that they will not receive unexpected bills at what can be a difficult time.

Furthermore, we also appreciate that criminal litigation may be costly and for this reason we offer all of our clients the opportunity to pay their legal fees in installments with a view to providing them with as much assistance as possible.

If you would like more information in respect of our fees or would like a free initial consultation with one of our specialist litigation solicitors, please contact us on 0800 644 1544. Alternatively, complete the Contact us form and one of our solicitors will contact you at a time convenient for you

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