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Police Station Representation

Arrest and detention at the police station is usually the first step in criminal proceedings. Alternatively, you may not be arrested but may simply be asked to attend the police station for an informal ‘chat’. What you need to be aware of is the fact that the ‘chat’ would not in any way be informal, it is a tactic often used by police officers to put you at ease and thereby allow them to secure any incriminating evidence against you which could subsequently lead to you being charged for an offence. It is therefore vital that you secure expert legal advice at an early stage. The decisions made at this stage and the manner in which questions are answered could have a profound effect on the outcome of the case.

Everyone has a right to free independent legal advice at the Police Station. There is in fact a Government scheme whereby a ‘Duty Solicitor’ is available for a call out to the Police station in the event you require the need.  However, the downside to a duty solicitor is that you will not necessarily have a solicitor represent you at the police station who is conversant in the area of law which impacts you. The lack of knowledge on the area of law concerned often means that the duty solicitor may not necessarily appreciate the implications of the advice they give you, which could potentially lead to you inadvertently incriminating yourself, giving away too much information, when it is in fact up to the police to build the case against you and not for you to assist them in doing so.

By instructing us privately to represent you at the police station, you are guaranteed to receive the best advice possible. We have a vast amount of experience in criminal litigation and therefore appreciate the pitfalls that may not ordinarily be obvious to a duty solicitor. If your intention is to then instruct us in respect of criminal proceedings, then by instructing us for the police station representation, you can be rest assured, that the foundations in respect of the allegation you face are focused very much on a defence perspective; potentially making the difference between success and failure.

Our specialist lawyers will consider the evidence which is disclosed at the police station prior to the interview. Upon consideration of this evidence and after taking your instructions they will advise you as to how best you should proceed in the interview. It is important that you understand your rights and appreciate how your responses could impact you going forward. Our solicitors have considerable expertise which in effect means that they look beyond the present, into the future and appreciate how the manner in which you respond will have a knock on effect later on in criminal proceedings.

Please note, if you instruct us for police station representation and subsequently wish to instruct us in respect of defending the criminal allegation, then any fee charged in respect of the former, will be deducted from our overall fees.

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