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Conveyancing Law

Moving home is no easy task and the conveyancing process can often be made difficult when certain complexities arise. We appreciate the stress involved, the financial outlay and the need for communication. We therefore strive to make the process as uncomplicated and seamless as possible.

Our Solicitors at Caines Law have amassed years of experience, covering the breadth and depth of all types of conveyancing transactions. We offer a convenient, efficient and experienced service that allows us to service clients nationwide, across England and Wales.

It can often be a challenge finding the right solicitor. Conveyancing lawyers have a reputation for tardiness and lack of clear communication. The need for chasing and chasing some more for an update is often synonymous with lawyers that practise this area. Caines Law have a more modern and dynamic approach with expertise coupled with service and exceptional client care being at the forefront.

Each client is given direct access to their dedicated lawyer with the provision of their email address and contact number, no hiding behind secretaries or assistants. We can meet in person, however, we also appreciate the importance of being able to communicate via modern technology. This not only tends to be a more convenient mode of communication for our busy clients, but it also ensures all queries are resolved with speed, and documents completed and signed with efficiency, bearing in mind any time constraints. This modern approach avoids any disappointment on the part of our clients, it ensures a smoother, efficient and faster conveyancing process and it allows us to service clients nationwide, ensuring exceptional standards of service at all times.

Our lawyers have a proactive and diligent approach to each situation which ensures the conveyancing process is addressed efficiently and finalised swiftly without any unnecessary delays. Service being the ethos engraved within the very foundations of our lawyers, tailored to the specific needs of each conveyancing transaction.

We offer a fixed fee service which allows you to appreciate your costs from the outset. We also offer a ‘No move, no legal fees’ guarantee. This means that if the conveyancing transaction falls through for whatever reason, you will not be liable for our legal fees.

It is for the above reasons that the majority of our clients instruct us by way of referrals. This is what sets us apart and if you instruct us, you certainly will not be left disappointed.

If you are looking to buy or sell a property, please speak to one of our conveyancing lawyers now for free initial advice on 0800 644 1544.

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