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Ms A.K, Speeding Offences (Multiple), March 2019

Feroz, I would like to thank you for your support, time, advise, and the understanding you have shown to me. The result has made me feel deeply and forever grateful to you and your team, Faye and the judges and the UK system that accepted and sympathized with me, no doubt based on the result.

I don’t think I could have this result without you and our discussions. And therefore I would like to thank you. At the same time I feel deeply grateful to Faye, she studied my case, she was well prepared, she asked me all the right questions and gave a fight for me.

I have been very unlucky with this situation and I am grateful that my luck changed, I was with you, Ilyas’ support whenever needed and I had Faye. I had judges that treated me with respect, listened carefully and were open-minded and if I was to say they showed understanding it would be an understatement.

Once again thank you Feroz,