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Mr TW, North East Hertford Magistrates Court, December 2012

I was recently represented by Caines Law for being in charge of a motor vehicle whilst being too drunk. I was never guilty of supervising, and was only a passenger.

I firstly phoned and spoke to Feroz through finding the website online, from that point I felt that he’s dedication towards getting me the best possible outcome was far greater than any other solicitors I had spoke to about my case.

He’s knowledge and the hard work he put towards my case made me feel very confident that I was sure to get the best result, which I did!

Even the advice he gave my girlfriend who was charged with other driving offences linked to mine was fantastic!

Throughout the whole process he’s service was outstanding, and meeting in person in London to discuss the case again only made me feel more confident that I had made the correct choice.

I’d like to personally thank him, and everyone at Caines Law for your brilliant service.