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Mr SC, Worthing Magistrates’ Court, April 2012

If you are reading this then you may well be looking for help regarding a recent driving incident, you are looking for someone you can trust, a team of people that will offer you the best advice and also be confidential, professional and work hard for you in whatever driving related situation you have found yourself in.

I was looking for the same and found CAINES LAW. I also read testimonials by other satisfied clients who were obviously overwhelmed by the service provided.

Well, my testimonial is no different.

In short I had an accident whilst over the prescribed legal alcohol limit, there were aggravating factors: the accident (fortunately no-one hurt – as I hit a stationary vehicle and had no passengers) ; I left the scene to return home shocked (only some 200 yards away) ; in my confusion I consumed more alcohol to steady myself. The police arrived a short time later, breathalised me and arrested me for suspicion driving while intoxicated. I was in a lot of trouble. I was subsequently charged with drink driving and failure to report an accident in a reasonable time scale. The limit that I was over had been greatly increased due to my post incident consumption.

The prosecution did not fully accept the post incident consumption so I was looking at possible custodial – that was the grim but very real situation. By instructing CAINES LAW to work for me I immediately realised that their experience and professionalism had a very reassuring effect. We gradually worked through the facts and although there were the aggravating factors we also discovered many mitigating circumstances also. We began to work towards a damage limitation exercise in reducing the breath reading (#) to the more likely lower reading as it was at the time of the accident (#). By instructing an independent forensic scientist – by CAINES LAW – an expert whose report showed a massive difference to the original charge breath level.

Together we prepared a strong defence and with the templates and guidelines supplied by CAINES LAW for references and mitigating elements along with personal statements we were ready for the courts.

I arrived extremely apprehensive to meet the barrister appointed by CAINES LAW, he was polite, assertive and extremely diligent, he had already studied all the case notes and had a full understanding of the situation. We took a guilty route to opt for maximum credit, but also submitted a basis of plea re: the post incident consumption, the court adjourned for two weeks for further consideration by the prosecution.

Between the first and second hearing CAINES LAW drafted a communication to present the basis of plea and the facts that supported it. At the second hearing the prosecution accepted this basis. My counsel, appointed by CAINES LAW, gave a full reflection of mitigating details allowing the magistrates to fully appreciate the facts which can support a more lenient outcome considering the circumstances. My sentence was as good as it could have been and relief was massive.

Yes I did received a ban, yes I did get a fine, and this was the true reflection of the situation – but it was greatly reduced from the sentence I could have received.