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Mr SL, Speeding, October 2016


I just wanted to thank everyone at Caines Law for all your help and more importantly your support, when you had to put up with my frustrations at times, you are all to the last a great and professional team.

I got a 7 day ban, which I believe to be the best outcome that I could have hoped for, doesn’t really affect me as I have booked the week off work anyway, the £455 fine does sting a little but I’m sure I will survive and more importantly I have learnt a valuable lesson..which is..the Police can lie to get a conviction…or how can I put it another way not lie but not tell the whole story.

Anyway thanks again, hopefully I will not need your services again but if I do need a good solicitors firm in the future or I know of anybody who does I will definitely look you guys up..Good luck!

Warmest Regards,

S L.

Caught doing 90mph in a 40!!