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Mr GH, Bury MC, April 2014

I recently found myself in the very difficult position of a Totting up ban which would affect my job and personal life immensely.  On contacting several Solicitors on the Internet and speaking to them on reply, I decided to chose Caines Law to put my case forward for Extreme Hardship, as they came over with the knowledge and confidence.

My main contact at Caines Law was Luke Unsworth, who guided me through the process of building a case for Extreme Hardship with diligence and personal care.

When Luke wasn’t available, there was always someone else on the phone whenever I had a problem to be answered.

On the day of the summons, the main priority was to avoid a ban at all costs.  A ban would have most definitely lost me my job, and any further employment in my field of technical sales would have been very difficult to obtain.  This situation would have put great strain on my home and marriage.  The Barrister on the day, as instructed by Caines Law managed very competently when putting my case of Extreme Hardship forward and as a result of this I managed to avoiding the ban in spite of totting up

I thank Caines Law for all their help over a very stressful period for my wife and myself, and would recommend them to anyone who found themselves in a similar unfortunate position.

Lastly, the price quoted to me for putting the case forward, was not alter throughout the whole process. There were no hidden costs. and no restrictions on calls or emails.