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Mr G.M, Drink Driving, Hammersmith, Sept 2017

I would like, first and foremost, thank you for helping by my side all these months and reaching the result that, deep down, never expected to achieve.

All the professionals that I cooperated, directly or not, in house or not, were excellent and I really cannot find words to show my appreciation!

From day one, Mr Feroz approached me with great confidence and won my trust straight away, then you, Sana, took over and organised everything like noone would have, reminded me of all key dates, gave perfect quality feedback on all information i provided you and with on-the-day response, always!

Both barristers that accompanied me to the court were perfectly selected with good grasp and history of similar cases. Walk in the park. Really descriptive, friendly, fully informed and updated, even on last minute information sent through the day of the trial!

Overall I am very satisfied with the result since 2 months ago I was almost certain that I would have to give my driving licence away.