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Mr AS, Compromise Agreement, May 2013

I thought that I should take the , perhaps all too rare, step of letting you know how pleased I was with the service I received recently from your firm when I was seeking help over a legal matter with my employer, Goole High School.

Whilst the sums involved were relatively low and the dealings very amicable, I needed the reassurance of having someone on my side that new what the process involved.

I was contacted by a Solicitor from the team, and found the whole process to be far less daunting than it may otherwise have been. He was able to explain the process in plain terms without needing to swamp the issues with jargon. He has, as I am sure you are well aware, a very personable manner and a calm disposition when dealing with people who are not used to engaging with the legal professions. I am sure that many of my questions would have bordered on being trivial.

I had intended to write to him directly to thank him for his assistance but decided that writing to the company and asking that my comments are passed onto the relevant section was more appropriate.

He seems a talented young man and should be recognized for his attributes, which all too often are in short supply when dealing anonymously with companies over the phone.