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Mr CT, Exceptional Hardship, May 2015

I left the court greatly relieved to have retained my driving licence despite having accumulated 12 points in a 3 year period.

You had identified a strong case for me to retain my license on the grounds that a driving ban would cause exceptional hardship for a number of immediate and extended family members. This case proved to be compelling to the magistrates in the court. Without your help in pulling together all the relevant information it would not have been possible to build such a strong case. Mr Small, the Barrister appointed by Caines Law had clearly been well briefed and understood both my case and the law. He was thus able to set out the case for the defence to the court which ultimately proved successful. Without your help I would be walking to work and a number of my family members would be struggling due to my mistake, so thanks to you and your firm for all your help.


C T, May 2015