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Driving Solicitors in London

Driving Solicitors – London

Are you facing prosecution for a driving offence and are looking for a firm of driving solicitors for representation?

We represent clients across the breath of London, with most of our clients being London based.

Our Solicitors have vast experience when it comes to dealing with the London Courts and the Crown Prosecution Service. Whether you are facing prosecution for drink driving, drug driving, failing to provide a breath specimen for analysis, driving without due care and attention, speeding or any other driving offence, call our Driving Solicitors now for a free consultation.

It is important that you make the right choice when it comes to seeking representation. Specialist representation by our London team often results in cases being thrown out even before they proceed to Court for trial. Further, where you are found not guilty for an offence or where the case is discontinued there is also the opportunity of obtaining recovery of your legal fees. The right representation is therefore an extremely important decision.

We appreciate that the loss of your driving licence will often result in a loss of livelihood and financial repercussions. It is extremely important that you therefore speak to one of our London driving solicitors to discuss your options.

As nationwide Solicitors, we represent clients not just within London but also towns within the surrounding vicinity and further South of the Country as far back as Plymouth, Southampton, Brighton and Bournemouth.

For a free consultation with one of our London based Driving Solicitors call on 0203 829 5478

If you require any information relating to the Courts in London, please find below a link which will take you directly to the specific London based Court that your matter is to proceed in:


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